All Things Have Become New

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My new profile picture.

(For the time being anyway — Windows 8 helpfully swapped out the one that I had on the WordPress site for the default that came with the Windows 8 program when I changed my WP administrator email address)


Yes, I am once again in the throes of learning a new operating system, getting a new email address and client, trying to figure out where I need to go to replace the old ones… and soon I will be setting up a new website.

The web hosting service of my old site,, has gone MIA. No chat, no phone, and so far no response to my email about why I can no longer log in and why I am not getting any emails through the old kmhancock email address. That account, as I mentioned in the last post, was set up over ten years ago as part of my website which had been hosted by I never had one problem with them in all that time, but lately I’ve not been very active when it comes to my website. Thus it never occurred to me the credit card they had on file had gone out of date. At least that’s what I’m thinking the problem is. Or at least part of the problem.

Since it never occurred to me the card they had, had expired, it never occurred to me to contact them about it. You’d think they would contact me, but they did not.

Day before yesterday I spent a good deal of time researching web hosting sites and reading reviews. I mentioned previously reading lots of scary posts on, but they were all on one site that seemed to be promoting another hosting service so I went looking for reviews that might be a bit more impartial and recent.

Well, those were not good, either, though this time a number of them were written by folks like me who had been with the service for ten years or more and had mostly been very happy with it. But within the last five years, everything seemed to go downhill. Problems with disappearing emails were mentioned, also the chat ALWAYS being down, and the phones ALWAYS being too busy to answer so send an email, and the email almost never being answered. On the rare occasions someone did manage to get through on the phones they were routed to a person in India who barely spoke English and didn’t even know the system.

I wonder if they might be out of business. Wouldn’t my website have gone down entirely, though, if that were the case?  As of now it’s still up, though you can’t use the email any more… (even before I changed it)

Anyway, I’ve signed up with a new service and will soon be working on a new website (the old one was getting stale anyway) that will be integrated with this blog — something I’ve wanted to do for some time.

At the moment though, learning my way around Windows 8 is quite enough for this old and shrinking brain of mine to handle. 🙂

3 Responses to “All Things Have Become New”

  1. 1 insidethewriter October 29, 2013 at 11:38 pm

    Windows 8 is a challenge, I agree. This is why one has children who know these things and can give you a crash course in navigation.I’m good with it now. Mostly. Sort of.

    • 2 karenhancock October 30, 2013 at 8:55 am

      I haven’t bothered my son, yet, who lives in another state and would have to do all over the phone. But I just now searched for how to change the teeny weeny font size on the incoming emails in Outlook 2013, which only led to more questions, like “Where is the “file” tab?” Which, of course, is where you’re supposed to start…You don’t happen to know how to do that do you? LOL.

      Sent from Windows Mail

      • 3 insidethewriter October 30, 2013 at 2:12 pm

        Oh dear, I am still running Outlook 2007, so can’t help you there. The “file” tab is my mainstay. I didn’t know it was missing from the new version of Outlook. Why do they do that??

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