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Interview at Cristy Zinn

I don’t know where my head has been the last few days. In the Twilight Zone, I think.

Recently I was contacted by Cristy Zinn, an aspiring writer living in South Africa, who asked if I’d be willing to answer some interview questions for her blog, Cristy Zinn … Writing in Progress. I said yes, went to work on the questions and finally completed them Monday. She immediately posted the Interview, and I immediately fell into a fog of forgetfulness in not making note of it on my blog.

Realizing what I’d done later, I promised myself I’d do it next post. And forgot again.

Well, I was in a crash-stupor from the weekend for the better part of three days, even though I was trying to convince myself that I wasn’t. Nevertheless, with apologies to Cristy for my tardiness, and thanks to her for inviting me to do this, I direct you now to the Interview on Cristy-Zinn… Writing in Progress. ┬áHer questions include a number that are not usual fare in interviews, which made them fun to answer…

New Interview: Moon Drenched Fables

Before I left for California I completed an interview for the online fantasy fiction magazine Moon Drenched Fables. That interview is now posted and you can read it HERE.


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