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The Light of Eidon

Bethany House Publishers  has made special arrangements with a number of booksellers who have agreed to offer The Light of Eidon, volume one in my Legends of the Guardian King series, FREE as an e-book.

The offer will begin at midnight September 1, 2012  (or, more specifically at 12:01am) and conclude at midnight on September 30, 2012.

The list of publishers that will be in on this special offer can be found HERE at the landing page BHP has created. Scroll down the landing page to find The Light of Eidon’s entry, then click through to your bookseller of choice.

If you want to learn more about The Light of Eidon itself,  just scroll down on this page for a synopsis, review blurbs, awards and an excerpt.


My Latest Release

My latest relesase is actually a re-package and re-release of my first novel, Arena, a 2003 Christy Award Winner.  I’m super excited that Bethany House has decided to re-release this novel. I really like the new cover they designed for it. Over the years, people have enjoyed this novel a great deal, and I am happy to have it available in paperback for a new generation of readers.

“The genuinely enthralling mix of adventure, romance, and vivid imagery fused with spiritual symbolism invites readers to lose themselves in Hancock’s imaginary world… engrossing and well-paced.  ~Christianity Today

Plagued by fear and disillusionment, Callie Hayes volunteers for a psychology experiment that promises to turn her life around. Unnerved by the mounting evasiveness of the research workers, however, she soon changes her mind and asks to be released from the project. To her horror, the workers refuse, dropping her instead into a terrifying alien world amidst an ongoing battle between good and evil. With limited resources and only a few cryptic words to guide her, she embarks on a journey that will change her life forever. Will she decipher the plans the Benefactor has established for her escape, or will she succumb to the deception of the Arena?

“In evangelical fiction’s best science fiction of the year, Hancock works out a progression of faith by trial somewhat like Pilgrim’s Progress. But she departs from the conventions of allegory to draw her characters in depth, and the flora and fauna of her arid alien landscape are carefully thought through.”  ~Booklist Top Ten Christian Novels 2002

“A classic in the making for the modern era.” ~ Library Journal

 Buy Arena at AmazonCBD or your favorite Christian bookstore. Arena is also available in e-book format.


My Other Books


 The EnclaveAvailable from Amazon in paperback and as an e-book.

2010 Christy Award Finalist for Visionary Fiction

Read an Excerpt


When Lacey McHenry accepts a prestigious research fellowship at the world-renowned Kendall-Jakes Longevity Institute, she sees it as a new start on life. But when a disturbing late-night encounter with a bizarre intruder leads to a cover-up by Institute authorities, she soon realizes all isn’t as it seems.

Caught in an elaborate game of deception and seduction, her only ally seems to be the brilliant but absent-minded geneticist, Cameron Reinhardt. A favorite of the Institute’s charismatic director, Cameron, too,came to K-J hoping to escape his past. But the more he learns about Lacey’s attacker, the more he fears that the past still pursues him.

Not certain they can trust each other, Cameron and Lacey reluctantly work together to uncover the shocking secrets that lurk behind the Institute’s respectable façade – secrets that turn out to be bigger, stranger, and far more dangerous than either of them could have imagined.




Book One: The Light of Eidon

Winner of the 2004 Christy Award for Christian Fantasy

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Abramm Kalladorne has dedicated the last eight years of his life to becoming worthy to touch and tend the Sacred Flames of Eidon, and he expects to be blessed for his devotion and sacrifice. But on the eve of taking the vows that will irrevocably separate him from the life he was born to—as fifth son of the king of Kiriath—he is betrayed by his spiritual mentor and sold into slavery by his brothers Swept along by the winds of a new destiny, Abramm is forced to compete in the gladiatorial games of his new masters. When the oppressed masses rally around his successes, he discovers his suffering has molded him into something greater than he ever thought possible—to serve a purpose he never imagined.

Set in a world of swords and cloaks, of glittering palaces and mystical temples, of galley ships and ancient mist-bound cities, The Light of Eidon is the first volume of the new epic series, LEGENDS OF THE GUARDIAN-KING

Reviews and Honors:

“A worthy addition to my fantasy collection in every way . . . Highly Recommended!” ~ Christianfictionreview.com

“A beacon in a strong new line.” ~ Deepmagic.com

Winner of ForeWord Magazine’s 2003 BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD (Silver)

A Romantic Times  4 ½ star TOP PICK

One of Booklist’s Top Ten Christian Novels 2004 (Sept 2003 – Sept 2004)

Christian Fiction Review’s Best of 2004


Book Two: The Shadow Within

Winner of the 2005 Christy Award for Visionary Fiction

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Four years after his legend-spawning defeat of Beltha’adi, Abramm returns to Kiriath to claim the crown he thought he would never wear and prepare his people for the inevitable attack of the resurrected Armies of the Black Moon.

Though fiercely opposed by his own kin and reluctant to cast Kiriath into civil war at the worst possible time, he nevertheless believes this is the destiny Eidon has laid upon his life. And Kiriath’s only hope of salvation.

In the midst of this turmoil a headstrong princess from a neighboring realm endeavors to uncover Abramm’s secrets—including his heroic exploits as the White Pretender and the fact that he wears a golden shield upon his chest. Is she friend or foe, and will her interference bring Abramm closer to his destiny or destroy any chance he has of maintaining his rightful place as King?

Reviews and Honors:

“…a beautiful adult fairy tale…” ~Allscifi.com

“…as good as its predecessor, if not better…  Highly recommended.” ~Christian Fiction Review

Borders Best of 2004 “Religion & Spirituality”

Romantic Times Top Pick 4 ½ stars

Christian Fiction Review’s Best of 2004



Book Three: Shadow Over Kiriath

Winner of the 2006 Christy Award for Visionary Fiction

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After months of conflict and opposition, Abramm Kalladorne has finally stepped into his destiny as king of Kiriath–only to find himself with more problems than ever. The Mataio remains antagonistic, the failed rebellion’s supporters have slipped through his grasp to plot anew, bad luck plagues his every attempt to build Kiriath’s defenses…and that’s just the beginning.

As the forces of the Black Moon advance toward Kiriathan shores, Abramm agrees to a desperately needed alliance-by-marriage with neighboring Chesedh. But with the hour for his union approaching, he is horrified to discover that he has become dangerously attracted to his fiancée’s younger sister, the headstrong Lady Madeleine.Worse, he learns his attraction is reciprocated–just the sort of situation his enemies can use to destroy everything he’s trying to accomplish. And Eidon just might let them succeed.

Treachery and faithfulness, guilt and forgiveness, the joy of desires fulfilled and the pain of tragic loss all weave the tapestry of one man’s destiny realized–where mind-boggling blessings come wrapped in a mantle of suffering that will test Abramm’s faith to the limit and challenge everything he thinks he knows about himself and the one who owns his soul.

Reviews and Honors:

“Like Narnia, Middle-Earth, or Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, this world is rich and detailed, the tales are complex and thrilling, and the characters full-blooded, flawed, and heroic.” ~Infuzemag.com

“The third epic tale in the award winning LEGENDS OF THE GUARDIAN KING saga, Shadow Over Kiriath, is a fantastic allegorical fantasy … excellent as a stand alone, but is incredible when read back to back to back with its predecessors.”  ~Midwest Book Review, January

Named to Christian Fiction Review’s list of Best Christian novels for 2005



Book Four: Return of the Guardian-King

The powerful finale to the Christy-Award winning series…

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Believed dead by all but the handful of supporters who rescued him from his Mataian enemies, Abramm Kalladorne has fled his homeland to the high mountains of northern Chesedh. Traveling under a new name with a group of bitter and increasingly desperate fellow exiles, Abramm hopes to reunite with his wife in Chesedh, where he will offer his services to her father in fighting the invading armies of the Black Moon. But with every step he is hindered, delayed and diverted from the direction he desires to go, and it soon becomes clear Eidon has other plans for him.

In the Royal city of Fannath Rill, Maddie alone believes Abramm still lives. But since she has no proof, her friends, family and public opinion press her to remarry. With its neighboring realms now under enemy control, Chesedh has become the last bastion of Eidon’s Light. Desperately overmatched, it cannot survive on its own. And the rich, handsome, eastern warlord who is openly courting Maddie has a vast fleet of galley ships that could turn the tide in Chesedh’s favor…


“Multiple Christy Award winner Karen Hancock has created a story world rich in detail and depth. Her well-written characters draw you into their world with their triumphs and struggles, failures and successes, heartbreak and joy… RETURN OF THE GUARDIAN KING holds to the same high standards set in the previous books, making the whole series keepers on my shelf.”   ~Cheryl Russell for Infuzemag.com

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